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    How to Grow Your Painting Contractor Business with SEO that Attracts Qualified Potential Clients and Referral Sources on Google, Bing and the Other Search Engines


    We are painting contractor professional digital marketing agency. We know the struggles, stresses and pitfalls of trying to grow a Painting Contractor business in the age of Google and mobile search. We know you want your phone to ring with highly qualified leads that are obtained in an ethical, cost-effective and sustainable way. There is, unfortunately a lot of misinformation and misdirection surrounding a Digital Marketing firm & SEO, and we hope that this page adds clarity and helps you make better decisions for your business.


    You’ve probably been burned before, likely by somebody who promised you the moon when it comes to marketing your practice. You received the cold calls, sat through the sales pitches and webinars, and may even have lost a significant amount of money trusting SEO companies that promised rapid results.


    But something isn’t working. When you look at the flow of cases going into your Painting Contractor company, and you conduct Google searches for terms you think your Painting Contractor business should rank for, you wonder if you’re on the right track and if you’re doing everything you can to help your business become successful.

    We Are Absolutely Obsessed with SEO for Painters

      You’re ready to take your Painting Contractor marketing to the next level. All you need is for the phone to start ringing.


    And you’ve done everything that you’ve been told to do to raise your site to the top of the search results. You’ve listened to the so-called gurus, and might have even spent big bucks on SEO companies that promised quick results.


    But when you look at the search results and see how much better your competitors are doing, all you can do is ask yourself why they’re winning and you’re not.

    Painting Contractor SEO & Marketing Services Offered

    • SEO for Painting Contractors 
    • Google Maps - Increased Exposure
    • Bing SEO - Hidden Treasure
    • AdWords Experts
    • Local Video Domination
    • Web Design & Landing Page Creation
    • Facebook AD Lead Generation
    • Business Development (Logo's, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Business Plan)
  • SEO for Painting Contractors Business Plan 101

    Painting Contractor Business Plan

    To get your free eBook and template for drafting a 'Painting Contractor Business Plan' just Click Here

  • Top Painting Contractor SEO & Marketing Measures

    Digital Marketing & SEO for Painters

    Painting Contractor Facebook Advertising

    Facebook AD's

    Powerful Painting Contractor Facebook Branding

    Painting Contractor Marketing Tools

    Hitting the Streets

    Business Cards and Flyers offer Great ROI

    Google Maps and Painting Contractor SEO

    Google Maps

    Every Painting Contractor Should Strive to be on Google Maps

    Painting Contractor Marketing Tips eBook cover for 2018

    Free eBook for Painting Contractor Marketing in 2018

  • SEO for Painters


    SEO for Painting Contractors

    There’s a persistent lie that marketers tell. They want you to believe that SEO is difficult. They try to elevate the complexity of what they sell by claiming that every aspect of SEO is challenging. But once you understand the basics and you’re empowered by the right system, you’ll understand that:

    • It’s easy. Keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates is easy and requires very little time or expense, unless you’re trying to take dangerous shortcuts or use tricks that will end up backfiring on you.
    • It’s about the fundamentals. Creating cost-efficient and easy-to-manage SEO strategies is simply a matter of understanding the fundamentals and not buying into the hogwash that the opportunists are selling.
    • It requires the right technology. Tracking your progress and understanding what’s working (and what’s not) is easy when you aren’t falling for useless gimmicks and when you’re using the right SEO technology.
    • Video marketing domination. Right now is the best time for you to start implementing video domination for this field that will start to shift in the digital marketing arena. Video searches are growing and shortly becoming the top service niche related marketing tool. 



    WHAT’S YOUR Painting Contractor SEO marketing PROBLEM?​

    Common Issues Painting Contractors Run Into

    • You hired a “Digital Marketing SEO expert,” but you simply aren’t seeing any results. Just like with the last “expert” you hired.
    • You are extremely busy running a successful, high-pressure painting business and don’t have time to update your website, let alone keep up with the SEO world.
    • You’ve delegated SEO and marketing tasks to different members of your staff, but you don’t have an overall winning strategy. You’re constantly playing catch-up with the competition, and you aren’t getting results. 
    • You are blindly throwing handfuls of money at your website and SEO issues, but it just isn’t helping.
    • You’re trying to utilize local business SEO tricks that you’ve read about on the web, but you’re not getting traffic; or, worse yet: You’re getting penalized by Google.
    • You’ve searched for SEO help on the web, but you aren’t sure who to trust anymore.
    • Your website was doing great, but suddenly you’ve been penalized by Google and your traffic and calls have almost stopped completely.
    Marketing that works for painting contractors

    WE GET IT...

    Painting Contractor Marketing that Works!

    We know what it’s like to know how much better you could be doing with a little more resources, a little more knowledge, a little more time.


    That’s why we’re here. And that’s why we want to give you the exact game plan that you need to succeed.


    We’ll show you that we can promise and deliver when we claim that we know what actually moves the needle with SEO for Painting Contractors.


    Regardless of what you choose to do next, we are sure some of our free resources and eBooks will help you on your path to creating a thriving Painting Contractor business.

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